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  Doing Business with DoD: Overview Army Small Business/Army Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) - Mr. Michael Smith
  Defense Civilian Personnel Service Center - Ms. Karen S. Hannah
  Research Collaboration and Internships with Air Force Research Laboratory - Dr. Timothy S. Kroecker
  Joint Munitions Command's (JMC's) Outreach, Recruiting, and Workforce Opportunities - Mr. Cory Britt
  ORAU Research Participation Opportunities in the U.S. Department of Defense - Dr. Robert Gibson
  National Guard Bureau's Minority College Outreach and Engagement Programs (MCOP) - Ms. Jacqueline Ray-Morris
  ARL HBCU/MI Education Outreach Initiatives - Dr. Patrice D. Collins
  Strategic Partnerships to Increase Student and Faculty Opportunities - Ms. Margie Brown
  DoD SMART Program Opportunities - Mr. Daniel R. Farmer
  DoD SMART Program Opportunities - Mr. Tylar Temple
  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Diversity and Leadership Initiatives - Mr. James Braxton
  DoD Research and Development Opportunities - Ms. Patricia Huff
  DoD Research and Development Opportunities - Mr. Anthony C. Smith, Sr.
  DoD Research and Development Opportunities - Mr. Edward J. Lee
  Cape Fear Research Consortium - Dr. Sammy Y. Choi
  Successful Innovative Center Development - Dr. Shaik Jeelani
  Seed to Center Sustaining Investments to Achieve Enduring Success - Dr. Matthew Hull
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